Midnight Silver (reijigin) wrote in bad_service,
Midnight Silver

I hate the TXDPS

Okay. Short backstory. I was born/raised in Texas and just moved to Jersey two months ago for college. These means that even though I live here and will for many years, I am still a resident of Texas and this means that all my car crap still goes through Texas. In Texas, your license expires every year on your birthday until you turn 18. When I moved, I was 17, and my birthday is at the very beginning of September. Okay.

Well I was a dumbass and forgot to mail in the paperwork to renew my license until only a week before my birthday. School started, I forgot. My fault. Okay. But I commute to school from another town (only about seven miles between, but only one way to go) and I only know one person here so far. She does not own a car and lives in the dorms. Public transportation does not go between the two. So my options are drive, or not go to class.

I call up the TXDPS and ask the lady who answers what I can do to speed up getting my license. She says that if I pay to overnight the forms to them and also include a stamped and addressed envelope, it should take one to two weeks. She guessed it would be about one and a half. She tells me this is because that way it doesn't have to go through their mailing system, which is what really causes most of the wait. She says it usually takes three and a half to four weeks. I thanked her and immediately took the forms to the post office and payed to overnight them. I got a receipt with tracking information.

I wait two weeks. I check the mail frantically every day for the first week. Later in the second week I now have no license and had to get special permission from res life to stay in my friend's dorm so I could go to class (usually you can only stay two nights a week, they let me stay four before they said that it somehow wasn't fair to the other commuters that I got to stay longer... assholes). I try to call the DPS several times every day for the second and then third week, but no one ever answers.

Fourth week rolls by about the same.

Finally at the end of week four, someone answers the phone. I'm pissed, but I'm speaking very politely because I know this woman isn't the one who's fucking up my stuff. She speaks to me the whole time in this extremely condescending tone, and periodically will leave a long silence and then say "Ma'am" in this pleading voice like she's trying to get me to stop yelling even though I hadn't been speaking at all. Finally she looks it up and sees that it's all done and just sitting there waiting to be sorted and mailed. I ask her how in all of God's green goodness that's possible, as even with the most pessimistic estimate, it should still have AT LEAST been mailed by now. And it wasn't even ready to be mailed! It was waiting to be made ready to be mailed. WHAT?

This lady tells me that they only received my application earlier this week. I told her that I had actually overnighted it four weeks prior, and that I had a tracking number I could look up if she wanted me to. She then promptly changed the subject.

She eventually says she'll put it aside and have it sent in the mail pickup that afternoon. I told her that was fine, and thanked her, and we hung up.

Seriously. WHAT THE FUCK.


First you were rude, then you fucking lied to me. I don't know if the first chick was full of shit or if some other assfish working there were just too stupid to notice that it didn't need to be sorted and prepared for mailing because I HAD THE GOD DAMN ENVELOPE ALREADY WITH THE APPLICATION or what. I eagerly await seeing whether or not they send it back in my envelope or not. I'm kind of hoping it's not, just because that will make my soul die a lot less. And also, if it's not? I have half a mind to demand they send me a refund for my stamp.

I don't know what crawled up that second lady's butt, either, but I am always exceptionally polite to employees of whatever business I'm dealing with because I'm nice and I don't want to make their day suck. That was the first and only time I've ever had to force myself to continue to be polite to someone I didn't even know.

So. That's my story. That was Thursday. And so help me GOD if that letter is postmarked after the day she said she sent it...

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