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I don't know what it is...

...about me that gets middle-aged women's panties in a wad. I mean this in a non-obscene way, of course. But this is my second posting here where I've gotten bad service from a middle-aged/older woman who apparently took personal offense to my existence.

I was recently diagnosed with an incurable but treatable disease and went to the local hospital's center where the experts reside. But first I had to get through the door--although I had an appointment.

Moi: Feeling crappy about the whole thing.
RFH: Receptionist from hell.

Setting (very important to the story): One of those receptionists' counters with a glass window that slides open. Usually seen in doctor's offices.

I come in, wearing big ole cargo shorts (but pulled up as they should be, not hanging off my ass) and a clean, non-scruffy t-shirt. I am somewhat androgynous looking.

Receptionist (snottily, through closed window): *Stares for a few seconds.*"Can I help you?" *looks at me as if I'd just jumped up from the bottom of her shoe.*
M: I have an appointment for 10:30.
R: ...
R: What's the name?
M: Last name, "Smith."
R: Shuffles through some papers. "First name?"
M: Bob.
R: What?
M: Bob. (Loudly, because the window's still closed)
R: (Eleventy-one BBQ'ing): "Bob?????"
M: Yeah! (More loudly, because the window, you know, was STILL CLOSED.)
R: Looks down again. Looks up again. "Have a seat." Shuffles some more paper. FINALLY opens window.
Then, to top it off, she made some snarky remark about my name when the nurse came to collect me for the interviews.

Yes, the first thing one wants to meet when one finds his/her/their way to a medical clinic for life-changing information is a beyotch who thinks you're not good enough to step into her lair, I mean, office.

I have to say this...I'm black, sometimes taken for Puerto Rican, cool. I've had this 'tude from older white women before. But she was also black, yet the attitude was exactly the same. I should also say that I've been coming to this hospital for ten years now, seeing different doctors, and this is the first time anyone has treated me like this. Ever. Who makes sick people yell through closed windows?

I am still debating whether to say anything to management about this. There are "comments or complaints" ads literally in every room that's not a bathroom or maid's closet. The nurses, btw, were friendly and competent, as are other staff at the hospital. The other receptionist, who wasn't there at the beginning, was much, much more pleasant.
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