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Shipping Issues

We deal with Ace Courier. Background: sign shop. We're part of a franchise, and we farm out our digital graphics to our sister store.

This however... oh dear. There's even pictures to illustrate this mess. D:

We order through East-West Plastics in Vancouver (who orders from Toronto...), and we often have problems with the courier, Ace. This time, they went a little too far.

They honestly believed that we weren't going to notice that they bent our econolite to shit. But don't worry, it's insured... for $1.00 a pound! :D The entire point of econolite is that it's LIGHT. That sheet probably cost us $300. (Aluminum front and black, corrugated 6mm plastic on the inside.)

They claimed that it's from poor packaging and that we could suck it up. ... Hm. It's aluminum, and it's THICK aluminum. Try bending that, it takes a hell of a lot of work to do so. Take one of those metal parking signs and try to bend it. I dare you. The only possible way - according to East West - for it to be bent that way is if they had used a MACHINE to crush it. Just so you think I'm not exaggerating:

(Sorry one's on an angle... lazy designer is lazy tonight.)
Lisa and I getting a laugh at it.
(The shirt says 'sleeps well with others', btw.)

I'm not sure what we should do, other than call their head office. :/ So... anyone want some really cheap signs? We have a sale on econolite!

Edited to add the part that makes the opening make sense:

I also ordered some decals overnight with Ace yesterday, and they started arguing with Rob (at imaging) about how they don't ship there. :| They list Creston (where the decals were going) on their go-to list, why wouldn't they? They also argued that it was too late to pick them up... yet Rob called when he always calls for other orders.

Then they argued with me when the decals never arrived, saying that they had left them.
Uh, yeah. You left them TWO BLOCKS AWAY. It's a good thing Creston is tiny, or my Grandparents would have never gotten their yard sale decals. Good Samaritan neighbours did the math and gave them to them.

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