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Backstory: last Friday I got a new cell phone through Cricket. After about 4 hours of having the phone, I started getting 800 and 866 calls looking for a Stephen. I didn't think anything of it -- new number, probably recycled and all. I figured they'd get the idea when they left a message that I wasn't Stephen.

Well, fast forward to today, a week later. Out of the three companies that were phoning me, one stopped and the other two was increasing to anywhere from three to six times a day, starting about 9:00 AM MDT and the final ones being around 8:00 PM. I intercepted the 866 number when they called me first thing yesterday morning. It was a collection agency.

The woman repeats the number back to me, and I informed her that Stephen no longer had this number. She basically insinuated that I was covering his debting tracks and hung up on me when I kept repeating that they needed to remove my number immediately. I waited a few hours and called back, and spoke to a man who apologized for the previous agent and removed my number. My boyfriend called back to make sure that it was removed, and they assured him that it was as well.

Then today, I managed to get in touch with the other company, Diversified. The agent who answered the phone interrupted me when I told her my issue, and placed me on hold. The second agent that answered listened to me for about .2 seconds and then got an attitude with me.

"YOU WERE TRANSFERRED BECAUSE THERE ARE ONLY 10 AGENTS IN THIS OFFICE, COMPARED TO OUR USUAL 150!" -- this was in response to my asking that she not transfer me, and that I didn't appreciate the fact that I was rudely interrupted and transferred. I explained to her nicely that I was getting a little frustrated because they call so early, and I work nights, not to mention I'm usually at work when they call the other times. Her response to the fact that they're waking me up when they call? "TURN OFF YOUR RINGER, IS IT THAT HARD?"

Uh, sorry, some people are light sleepers, y'know, and the phone vibrating on the desk/floor is pretty loud to me, at least, more so than the ringer, and wakes me up regardless.

Then she proceded to give me this guy's address, despite me repeating that I had NO clue who this Stephen was. I responded by giving her MY address:


In the course of the conversation, she was getting increasingly rude. She kept asking me how long I've had the phone for. After the fifth time of telling her "ONE WEEK", it was getting a little old, and I was getting a little upset, so I handed her off to my boyfriend. She basically told him that it wasn't telemarketing, so she didn't have to remove the number if she didn't want to, and we couldn't do anything about it, and that there was no reason to be rude.

I called back AGAIN and talked to another rep, who seemed sympathetic at first. Until he started asking me random questions about this guy. Yeah, I really don't know him. And then the rep starts giving me information about the guy's SSN#. I said, "I keep telling you, I HAVE NO IDEA WHO THIS GUY IS, I would appreciate it if you removed my number from this list," and the rep said "Well, if that's the case, then you shouldn't care so much then, right?" and hung up.


Take three: I finally start talking to someone with a little bit of sense, and he says that I was supposedly removed by the second agent. We'll see around 5 or 6.

Is there a way you can go about stopping these calls other than phoning the agencies themselves?
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