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UPS Ridiculousness

I joined this community just because I need to rant about this. The past week or so dealing with UPS has been the second-biggest customer service nightmare I've dealt with - #1 is TCF Bank, but that's another story.

Sept 13 - I place an order on Amazon from two different suppliers. One is a couple leashes, the other is some bully sticks and beef tendons (stuff for dogs to chew on).

Sept 19 or 20 (I forget now) - I get a postcard in the mail telling me that UPS couldn't deliver the packages because my name isn't on the building directory. Which it's not, because there's no room for a name on our buzzer thing. But the address for the packages does specify "Unit G" and there is a "G" on the buzzer. I call them and point this out. I also realize that the G is getting a bit faded, so I darken it to make sure they can't miss it when they get back. I'm told that my packages will be delivered between 1-3PM, Friday the 21st.

Sept 21 - I make sure to leave school early (I'm a grad student, good thing I have a flexible schedule) to get home in time for UPS. I'm home from a bit after 1 until 6 or 7pm, no UPS.

Monday Sept 24 - They try to deliver the package while I'm in class. I get a slip saying 1st attempt. I look online and see that somehow, a new "request for future date" went in on Friday. I didn't call them on Friday. I call them and am told they'll deliver it Tuesday. I say I can't be home Tuesday, can they do Wednesday instead? She's not sure they'll get the message in time, so she says that IF they can do Wednesday, my local UPS hub will call me by 10AM Tuesday to let me know.

10AM Sept 25 - Still no phone call. Online, it says 4:26am Out for Delivery. Assuming they couldn't get the request for Wednesday through in time (was this an unreasonable assumption?), I rearrange my schedule so I can be home that afternoon. No UPS.

Sept 26 - Because of my schedule rearranging to be home on Tuesday, I need to stay at school later on Wednesday to get work done. So of course I come home to a slip. The slip also says Final Attempt instead of 2nd attempt; on the phone I ask the guy to point out to me when the 2nd attempt was and he corrects it to show that that was the 2nd attempt. He says it will go out on Thursday. I say I won't be home on Thursday, can it go on Friday? He says sure, it'll go out between 1-3PM Friday.

I also email both of the sellers I bought from and let them know that although I know that they can't control UPS, I won't be buying from them (or anyone else who delivers via UPS) again unless they change their shipping methods. One doesn't reply (which is fine, I found a new place to buy the same brand bully sticks & tendons that uses FedEx & doesn't require an in-person signature), the other helpfully tells me that if I go right to their website instead of through Amazon I can choose a delivery method.

Sept 27 - I come home to another Final Attempt slip!!! I call, and apparently the guy never put in my request for Friday, as nobody can find it on the computer! I'm pissed enough that I speak to a supervisor and rant at them for a while. This is getting ridiculous. They have the local guy call me back, he says he'll tell the delivery guy to keep the packages in his truck and they'll go out between noon and 2pm Friday the 28th.

Sept 28 - Today. It's almost 2:30, I have stayed home all fucking day even though I have several errands I need to run. I haven't even walked the dogs further than just around the corner and back so I don't miss the truck. No UPS yet.

And THE BEST PART - I check online, and it looks like ONE of the packages is out for delivery today and the OTHER ONE HAS BEEN RETURNED TO THE SENDER! I'm waiting til the guy gets here (if that happens), since maybe he kept both in his truck and the return to sender notification just went through automatically or something.

I think it was the bully sticks that got sent back. Whatever, I'll buy them from the new place that doesn't use UPS. They better give me a refund (minus wasted shipping fee of course).

Why couldn't I have just gone and picked up the packages, you ask? Well, the "local" UPS hub is a good half hour (or more) drive away from here. I've already wasted enough time waiting, I'm not going to spend $5 in gas plus at least an hour of my time to go pick up something that I paid to have delivered to my damn house.

Anyhow, that's my story. I should have been more on top of them - both on Friday and Tuesday, I should have immediately called them to find out why there was no delivery attempt that day, then maybe I would have avoided the Monday and Wednesday attempts. I'm admitting maybe 20% fault here, but 80% is definitely UPS incompetence.

And I'm still sitting here at home waiting for my damn package, and the dogs don't understand why we haven't gone on a longer walk yet. But I'm sure as soon as I try to take them all the way around the block, the truck will appear. He's just waiting for me to slip up so he can claim I wasn't here, I just know it.

Edit: 4pm, no package. I don't even know what to do anymore. The # the local guy called me from last night doesn't work. Supposedly they deliver til 7pm, but I need to pick up a prescription for my dog and the vet closes at 6. This is completely fucking ridiculous, I'm also missing an event from 3-5 right now because I have been SITTING AT HOME ALL DAY WAITING FOR MY FUCKING PACKAGES. Noon-2 my ass. I guess I'll have to call the 800 number once again and ask them to have my local hub call me back. I want to know where my shit is.

Edit again: Well, one piece of good news. Looking back over my orders, it looks like I actually got free shipping on the one that (maybe) is being returned to sender, for ordering over $35 worth of stuff. So if I do have to get a refund, it should be a full one. My shipping fee was only for the package that (supposedly) is still on its way to me.

4:30pm - I call to ask when the package will be here. They say local will call me back.
4:45 or so - Local calls me, says driver will be there in about 15 min.
5:00 - Driver arrives! With one package! Has no clue about second package!
5:05 - I call UPS main # again (why can't they just give me the fucking local #?) and am told that the second package is, in fact, on its way to me (not returned) but is on a different truck. I ask that local call me back again to let me know when it will be here, b/c I need to pick up a prescription from a pharmacy that closes at 6.
5:30 - They still haven't called me back.
5:35 - UPS main # says that nobody put in a note for local to call me around 5, only at 4:35. I have them give local a very detailed message specifying that this is NOT about the package that has already been delivered, this is about the missing SECOND package, and I need to pick up a prescription by 6PM so I REALLY NEED THEM TO CALL ME BACK NOW.

We'll see if I ever get my bully sticks and beef tendons. At least I finally have my 20' leashes now, my dogs will be very excited to run around the park.

6:00PM: I call them yet again. At this point the vet is closed and my dog won't get his pill tonight, so he'll be peeing all over the place. Great. I'm demanding that they send the local people yet another message to call me back, when the CSR informs me that they show one package having been delivered already and one returned to sender. I'm like, well why didn't the people I talked to at 5:00 and 5:30 tell me that? Of course, he doesn't know. I've been waiting for over an hour for a package that's not coming. I yell some. Demand to talk to a supervisor (for the second time in two days).

Supervisor says that, strangely, the package has one stamp that says returned and then a later one that says out for delivery. She looks into it, says that the local people can confirm that it is NOT on their truck and must have been returned. No, she doesn't know why two of her people told me it was on its way. I finally demanded a written apology - and she tried to tell me she'd have the local people send one. I'm like, no, this is only a little bit their fault and a lot your people's fault. Your people are the ones who didn't put it into the computer on Wednesday to have it delivered on Friday, causing them to try on Thursday instead, giving it the Final Attempt and causing it to be returned to sender. Your people are also the ones who have kept me here for the past hour+, thinking another package was on its way when it's not. Overall, I want a written apology from you guys, not the local guys, who have 75% been a victim of your incompetence rather than their own.

Supposedly she took my info to give to a manager for a written apology. We'll see if I ever get one. I wasn't really sure what else to do - I mean, what can I demand, really? They can be as incompetent as they want and there's really nothing I can do. Maybe at least wanting something written will annoy someone somewhere, or make it into some computer as +1 times we screwed up worse than usual, or something. Probably not. I feel very powerless.

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