Jen (jenria17) wrote in bad_service,

A small collection of random bad service

Dear Krogers:

I realize you're remodeling, but please, is it so hard to have someone working there that actually knows where you've moved shit to? Just because I can't find it doesn't mean I'm dumb, it just means you've moved it 5 times in as many days, and I'm out of places to look. Giant Eagle printed up little pieces of paper each day to give new aisle numbers.

Dear Apartment Complex:

If the cable company is dead-set on rewiring all of the apartments, could you even give us a day? "Sometime between Monday and Thursday" is not sufficient. We had to rearrange our entire schedule when they knocked on the door at 8am. And if you say that maintenance will be with them, HAVE MAINTENANCE THERE. I'm not letting two guys I don't know rummage around my place when I'm not here.

And one inspired by the ER post below, since I'm pretty sure it's the same hospital. This is old (about 5 years), and happened to my sister. She went to a boarding school in Lake Placid, NY, specifically for skiing. First week on the slopes, she falls and spiral fractures her left leg. They get her off the mountain, in the ambulance, no problems, and goes straight back to a room.

And waits. And waits. And they refused to give her painkillers until she had an x-ray, but the machine was broken. Then they decided her ski boot had to come off, so they grabbed it and yanked it off....without undoing the clasps. This, obviously, sets off the tears. The nurse actually snapped at her to "Shut up. You'll get to ski again. Think of all the people permanently disabled." Thankfully the coach ripped her a new one, and as soon as the doctor saw her, she got pain meds. Mom and dad got up there 8 hours later, and stayed on the staff so she actually got decent care.

We won't even get into US Air and the flight home, which was a disaster in itself.

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