daemonaquila (daemonaquila) wrote in bad_service,

Retard 1, Lunch 0

I was at Great Steak Escape for lunch today, and all I wanted was a nice salad and an iced tea. Grilled portobellos and veggies on top of lettuce - not hard, right?

Well, if you're moron-boy the cashier/order-taker, apparently it's really complicated.

Strike 1 - my order (and 3 other people's) don't get to the cook/manager.

Strike 2 - They were out of regular iced tea, and had only sweetened (blech! gross!) iced tea. They'd been out for hours, but Moron-boy didn't think of MAKING any more, though, or telling customers that's all they had. He just gave me a cup of the nasty sweet stuff without a comment.

Strike 3 - Now that my order finally has gone to the cook, it's totally wrong. Somehow we go from grilled veggie mix, no cheese, to ham and italian sausage, yes cheese, no veggies. Don't ask me how. He HAND-WROTE this order. My receipt showed the correct order, but that's not what he wrote down for the cook.

Strike 4 - I ask for my money for the drink back, since they don't have any tea and I hate diet coke with a passion. The manager (really torqued at moron boy but unable to show it because there are a lot of customers in the store), offers to have him make some iced tea instead. Ok, fine. Well, I got my iced tea just as I was done with my salad, and moron-boy had made it in a pot that had previously contained sweetened iced tea, and didn't even rinse it out. So, instead of iced-tea, I get much less sweet iced tea, but still sweet iced tea.

And that's not even saying anything about the botched orders before and after mine. When I got my food, they had 3 unusable food orders sitting there already. Not the managers' fault - he was cooking what it said on the tickets. The guy who was AHEAD of me just got out of there with his to-go order after I had already finished my lunch.

I'm hoping that moron boy gets fired after the lunch rush, but I'm not holding my breath. It'll be a cold day in hell before I go there again, now.

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