Breve (brevegirl) wrote in bad_service,

First post.

This woman was completely rude to me at AMPM, and this is the letter I sent to corporate.

I went to a store this afternoon(number 5896), and was throughly disgusted with the service we recieved. The woman I was with is mentally disabled, but she is cognative enough to drive. We stopped off at the store in La Quinta, and since we are a little short on cash, my friend went inside and tried to pay for gas with 5 dollars in quarters. The register person, named Angie, clerk 2595(pulled from my receipt), refused the money, saying she didn't want to count it. I went inside, with a few dollars to pay for gas for us, as we were almost completely out of gas. I asked her if she had refused to take the money, and she said she had. I informed her that my companion was disabled, and technically, it was illegal for her to refuse to take the money, as it all says, "Legal tender for all debt public and private." She said that she had a lot of change in her drawer, and she didn't feel like counting it all out at the end of her shift.
She has also been rude on other occasions, when we come in and say hi, ask how she is doing, just being polite, she completely blows us off. We asked if she knew if the store carried something, and in the rudest tone possible, she said, "Excuse me?" She has never been polite to us, and when I told her that it was illegal for her to refuse the money, she got very rude to me, and tossed my receipt on the counter at me. I informed her that I have done it myself, and it's not that difficult, then I left. I was quite offended, and I will not be returning to that AMPM any time while she is present in that store. I'd like to know what you are going to do about this situation.
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