Yessir (vonlisbon) wrote in bad_service,

Bitchy doctor's assistant

This is an excerpt from a letter I sent my former Doctor.

After heavy consideration, I have decided to write you this note. [blahblahblah] During my Establish Patient appointment, everything went well. A while later, I came down with a sinus infection and decided to make another appointment.

When I was called back into the office, the medical assistant walked halfway down the hall and stopped. I stopped as well, and she simply stared at me. After an awkward moment, she sighed, put her hand on her hip, and pointed to a scale (that I had not seen from my location) with the other. After silently leading me into the exam room, she finally decided it was worth her while to speak to me and asked me a few curt questions about why I was here. She asked why I hadn’t come in sooner and I explained that I was on vacation, seeing my boyfriend’s family. She rolled her eyes at me and mockingly spat my words back at me, capping it off with a, “When will people learn? Jesus!”. Apparently my vacation personally offended her. [Edit for LJ] This part really confused me. I can't fathom what was so offensive about my vacation. Literally all I said was, "I was up North visiting my boyfriend's family when I came down with it."

She switched back to complete silence and began prodding and jerking me without explanation. [Edit for LJ] Holy fuck this was the most infuriating part. She would not say a word the entire time but just kind of sighed through the motions, just staring at me with a fucked-up look on her face until I guessed what she wanted me to do. She'd either do that or just grab me and do it for me. Thanks, asshole. She held a thermometer in my face, jabbing at my lips [Edit for LJ] Yes, literally jabbing it at my closed mouth. I ended up with a bruise around my lips from it., never once asking me to open my mouth or explaining that she needs to take my temperature. I was too shocked at her horribly unprofessional behavior to even open my mouth, let alone say anything. When the thermometer timed out before she could shove it in my mouth, she again sighed and mumbled something to herself about how she’ll have to do it all over again now and how I just wasted her time. My arm was grabbed tightly and held in place while she put on a blood pressure cuff. [Edit for LJ] Yeah wtf I'm not a child. I can hold my arm in place. Thanks. When I tried to explain that I normally have very low blood pressure so she would not think her reading came out wrong (which happens often, and is usually noted appreciatively), she cut me off with a snappish, “Okay!” before I could finish my sentence. Apparently my blood pressure was offensive to her, as well.

Yeah that pretty much sums it up. My vet treats my dog nicer than that. What the fuck.
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