Haze (natraj) wrote in bad_service,

I hate travelling...

I am moving tomorrow and bought a ticket about ten days ago, over the phone. This afternoon I attempted to use the online check-in option on the Delta website, mostly just to confirm that I had written my confirmation number down correctly. It didn't work, sadly, so I called Delta to ask if they could re-send my itinerary (I never received the email they were supposed to send with my itinerary when I purchased the ticket) so I could check the confirmation number. In the course of the conversation, it turns out that the reason the online check-in doesn't work is because they entered my name wrong, not because I had my confirmation number wrong. (I have a hyphenated last name, and in their system they had put the first half of my last name as my first name, the last half as my last name, and neglected to enter my actual first name at all.)

I thought perhaps this would be easily fixable -- you know, tell them the mistake, they put my name in right, everything is good to go! But no. The person tells me that I simply will have to not take that flight because they entered my name wrong. Seriously!:

Me: Wait, so you're saying that because your representative spelled my name wrong I won't be able to fly?
Me: ga
My IP Relay: that is correct

This, though, is not actually what prompted writing this post. Sometimes airlines have really dumb policies -- sometimes it isn't even their policies but anti-terrorism whatevers -- so while this was frustrating, it was not the height of the ridiculousness. (Though, in this case, it wasn't policy, it was just a bad representative -- I got the problem fixed in approximately two seconds when I talked to her supervisor about it. All she had to do was CHANGE MY NAME in the computer. Go figure.)

The best part of the whole conversation with this representative was what happened directly after she told me that I wouldn't be allowed to fly on the flight I bought because they wrote my name wrong.

I'm flying with my ferret, see, and so I had to notify the airline about that when I bought the ticket to make sure I got all the correct permissions to bring her as carry-on and whatnot -- the best part of the conversation was right after the representative told me I wasn't allowed to fly, she hastened to assure me that, don't worry, everything was still worked out just fine for the ferret to travel on that flight! Loki will still be able to travel on the plane just like I'd arranged, I'd just have to find a new flight.

I tried to picture my ferret getting herself through security on her own and it brought up amusing imagery. I'm a doting owner and all, but clearly the rep had a higher estimation of her intelligence than even I do.
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