Shelly (lilbit6180) wrote in bad_service,

I know this is a Minor Suck But....

Just a Short Minor Suck that pissed me off yesterday..if a pharmacy can be considered Bad Service

I call in my refill at 9:30 am yesterday.. was told it would be filled and could pick it up later that day. That's fine with me. I work until 5 anyway.. Around 7:30 pm I go to pick up my refill and the guy tells me " We are all out of stock ,you will have to come back tommrow" WHAT? Grant it, its not a life saving script or anything (Birth Control) but Why the hell do they ask for your number if no one is going to call you to say Im sorry we ran out of stock could you come in tommrow for your refill instead? I checked my Phone no call from Rite Aid at all.. I know its minor compared to what I read on here but It pissed me off..Im a very patient person,but if you ran out of stock call a person to let them know don't wait until they go to pick up the order then tell them!

Just needed to vent a little..
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