July, July! (coolteamblt) wrote in bad_service,
July, July!

Another Wal*Mart Joy

So my boyfriend proposed yesterday (!) but the ring he used was way too small. He had bought it from Wal*Mart. We live in a small town, and it is literally the only place within 50 miles that sells jewelry. After he gets off work, we head over to swap it out for one that fits.

Now, the front lanes are very busy, but there are several employees at guest services and softlines that are wondering around talking with each other. We stand in front of the jewelry counter. I make eye contact with a woman wearing a name tag. She looks at me, and says, "I don't work here". WTF? She was wearing a Walmart name tag putting away clothes. I hadn't even asked her anything yet! Irritated, I pull out my phone and write down the time.

7:48pm. I head over to guest services. There was a guy sorting abandoned. I made eye contact, and said, "Excuse me? Can I please get help in jewelry?" He shrugs, and continues to sort. I raise my voice a little and repeat myself, thinking he can't hear me.

He stares at me for a second. "Do you want something?" He said.

"Yes, I want someone to meet me in jewelry, please," I say.

"This is guest service."

"I know. There's no one in jewelry." He walks away.

7:56 pm. I find a harried looking MOD. "Excuse me, can I please get help in jewelry?" I ask.

"Sure." She grabs a phone and pages Roz to jewelry. "She'll be there in just a minute," and bolts. I head over to jewelry. I don't see my ring anywhere, so I start checking out the other rings, just in case. I'm very excited, and slightly impatient. However, I worked at Target for three years, and know the joy of understaffed weeknights.

But, along comes 8:07, no one's showed up. I head back to guest service. The same guy is there. I make eye contact and say very loudly and clearly, "Can you please page someone to jewelry?" He rolls his eyes, but does it. I smile and head back to jewelry. I pick out a couple of rings to try on.

8:13. Still no one. I find the MOD again. "I know you paged jewelry before, but no one's showed up yet. Could you please page again?" She does so, but bolts again before I can say anything else.

8:16, I'm so done. If we lived closer to ANYTHING else, we would have given up and left by now. I'm getting antsy. I want my damned ring. Preferrably 30 minutes ago. I send my fiance off to find the MOD. He complains, but kept it polite. She came back, pulled the jewelry keys out of her pocket, and opened the case.

At this point, I'm flabbergasted. She's had the keys the whole damned time. I know she's the only MOD there, but we've spoken to her multiple times, and Roz has apparently drowned in a toilet or something. I finally find out that they don't have my original ring in my size, so I ask the lady to show me a couple of other rings. I try on a couple, but they don't grab me. I saw a cubic zirconia ring that's super cheap (we're kinda broke right now, so it's a bonus).

I try it on, and it's the one. It's a perfect fit, and looks nice on my hand. "This is the one!" I tell my fiance.

The MOD looks disgusted. "You can't buy her that one!"

"Why not?"

"Because it's cubic zirconia, and it's forty bucks. You can't spend only forty bucks on an engagment ring!"

"Yes, I can," my fiance says. "If it's the one she wants, she gets it."

"Fine, I guess," she says, "it's your ring." She rings us up, and we book it out of there.

Damned right it's my ring! It's really pretty, and I don't need to spend hundreds of dollars on an engagement ring.

ETA: This is the ring. Just right for me!
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