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This morning I decided to run to walmart to pick up a few things. All I needed was dog food and some cleaning supplies, dishsoap, handsoap, etc. It was suppose to be an "in and out" fast trip because I had to work tonight and I still wanted time to have a nap in the afternoon after some house cleaning.

I get to walmart around 9:15 and it's not really busy. I zip around and grab the stuff I need and when I headed towards the tills I decided to make a pit-stop at the electronics to see what they had for dvd's. I'm allowed to watch movies when I work nights so I thought what the heck.

I looked over the promotional sale dvds and there were quite a few I liked that were a great deal. Sister Act I & II (dvd set) for $12.50, Maverick, Driving Miss Daisy & The Green Mile for $6.00 each. I took these ones and headed for the self check-out.

Now the fun begins.....

There were only 2 out of 4 self checkouts in working order. Some lady had a cart full of stuff so I stood behind the other lady who was trying to hurry while having 3 kids in tow. No biggie, I wait. She leaves and I start scanning my stuff. I scanned all the cleaning stuff & dog food and then I started on the movies. Sister Act $12.50, no problem. Driving Miss Daisy $6.88, huh? The Green Mile, $9.88, wtf? Maverick $10.88, are you f**king kidding me? The last three movies were suppose to be $6.00 each.

I call the cashier over and point out the sticker price and what I was charged. She takes the movies and goes to use the phone. I wait and she gets sidetracked helping other people. I look at the now long lineup and see a bunch of evil glares looking back at me. Ugh! I hate people like me when I'm the one waiting in line. Finally after 8 minutes I cancel the whole transaction, throw everything back into my basket and approach the cashier. I told her that I was going thru a manned till and they should be able to correct the problem for me there. I took the movies back and headed over to another till.

At the new till there was one person ahead of me so I put all the stuff on the belt and held on to the movies. She scanned all my stuff then I handed her the movies and told her the prices don't match the sticker. She scanned them and the double-checked the prices. She called a manager, and we waited. We both saw the manager and she looked at us but would not come over, wtf? The cashier paged again and nothing seemed to happen. By this time another line-up had formed and again I was on the receiving end of the evil glares. F**K! I just want my damn movies for the sticker price! Is it really that hard to do? After a few more minutes and the cashier starting to get into panic mode I told her to forget it and that I would just pay the scanned price then stop at customer service and get them to pay the difference back to me.

I get to customer service and I'm the first customer. I take the movies out of the bag with the receipt.

Me: Hi I just bought these movies and the scanned price doesn't match the sticker price.

Her: OK, so you want to return them?

Me: No, I would like the money back.

Her: So you want to return them then.

Me: No, I want the movies but I want the difference in price back.

She pages her supervisor and tells her that I want the movies and some money back, she seemed confused about this situation.

Finally the light of God shone down and the angels sang. The supervisor turned to her and said:

Sup: Just do a return on the movies and then recharge him the sticker price. I'll phone electronics and let them know the prices are off.

There IS a God! She reimbursed the money, I signed the receipt and she charged me the sticker price. I miss the old days when a cashier could do that right away at a till.

So much for my in-and out! I was just waiting for the old lady at the door to stop me. I think I would have freaked.
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