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I am so excited because I finally have a bad/wtf service to post!


So I go to the swanky new Rite-Aid to get my prescriptions filled. The tech taking care of me isn't sure if they have the one medicine (amphetamine [generic adderall], very common), so she goes to check. No, they don't have it. I ask her if she can call the Eckerd down the street and see if they have it (Rite-Aid bought Eckerd and all of the Eckerds are becoming Rite-Aids). She calls and they do have it. Okay, so I just have to drive down the road a bit to the not-so-swanky Eckerd, fine. I thank the tech for her time and leave.

I get to Eckerd and bring my scripts to the pharmacy. The woman (I'm not sure if she was a tech or pharmacist) realizes that I am the one they just got the call about, and says, "oh, but they didn't ask if we had these other two...". Those other two being alprazolam (generic xanax) and sertraline (generic zoloft). It would be really odd to not have them in stock. Miraculously, they have them. She said the wait would be 40 minutes, so I said I'd come back later. She put me down for 3:30 and I went home to have some lunch.

I came back to Eckerd at 4:00, a full half hour after my scripts were supposed to be done. Of course, they weren't. They needed ten more minutes. Okay, fine, but you're really getting on my nerves here, Eckerd. Twenty minutes later, my scripts are finally done. I sign the little stickers and hand the tech my ID (you apparently have to show ID to pick-up controlled substances at Eckerd... nowhere else have I ever had to do this). The tech asks if the medicine is for me. Durrr. We realize that the name and address on the scripts is not mine (same first and last name but different middle initial, and completely wrong address). Ok, they're going to have to fix that. Wait some more. Hand over my insurance card again. Wait some more. Okay, finally, I get my scripts! They're all correct, in the correct amounts, and cost the right amount. But... the bottles all still have the wrong name and address on them. Adderall and xanax are controlled substances. It is very important that they be in properly labeled bottles in case, heaven forbid, I get pulled over and searched for some odd reason (you never know). At this point I had had it with Eckerd, and just took my medicine home and put them all in last month's bottles.

Needless to say, I won't be returning to the Eckerd with the multitudes of dumb employees. What's funny is that I'm actually in school studying to become a pharmacy tech. I'm taking the mislabeled bottles to class tomorrow and telling my teacher this lovely story (he's a pharmacist), to see what he has to say about it. I want to complain to Rite-Aid corporate, but I want to ask my teacher for his input first, because he might have some better advice.
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