Jenni (shiny_jen) wrote in bad_service,

I only wish I were joking...

Got back on to my uni campus today, and they've spent nearly £1 million on transforming the main campus bar. Unfortunately, the million didn't have an impact on improving the service...

I was with a couple of friends and we decided to get something to eat. 

I ordered literally 5 minutes after they did, and we settled down to wait. An hour later, their food arrived; I was still waiting. They ordered the steak burgers [and 'salad' (3 lettuce leaves)], which were literally so tough that one of my friends couldn't take a bite out of was mainly really chewy fat. She struggled with it for a while and eventually had to go off in search of a knife and fork (which hadn't been provided, despite the fact that it was listed as a main meal on the menu). It honestly looked like it was made out of elastic or something.

I was still waiting on my food, but we'd told the waitress when she brought the burgers that there was still a chicken burger and wedges to come,  and she said she'd check on them, so I wasn't too concerned...

About 10 mins later, my food still hadn't arrived and one of my friends, who was going to the bar to get another drink anyway, offered to ask where it was. She came back and said that the bar guy had been really sarcastic to her, saying that they weren't serving food any more! When she told him how long ago I'd ordered, and that it was only 5 mins after she'd ordered her food, she eventually managed to get a refund out of him. 

I'd gone for a late lunch with friends (or tried to), and I ended up leaving them to go and get food somewhere this point it was pretty much dinner time.

The best part is that I got my handbook today, and it states that that particular bar serves food from 10 am - 9:30 pm. Not, you know, 10 am - 4:25 pm or something ridiculous like that.

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