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I'm sick of these apartment wenches. I need any advice you can give me.

I am renting a hoity-toity apartment in Oklahoma, USA. A month ago, I called the office to let them know my fridge wasn't closing all the way, and it was like that when I moved in. The girl said "Okay, we'll get back to you on that."

Next morning, I'm asleep in my underwear when I hear banging on my door. "Maintanence! Hello? Repair Guy! Maintenance!" I get up, open the door a tiny bit and say ". . .Wha?"

"I'm here about the fridge."
"No one told me you were coming buy. I was asleep."
"Oh, I'll come by later."
"No, just gimme a minute."

I throw on clothes and open the door. The guy goes to look at my fridge, says he can't fix it this second, but he'll be back with the right tools in a bit. I say "Um. They didn't tell me you were coming bye. I was asleep."

"They didn't? It says right here"--points to his paperwork--"Permission to enter: Yes."
"No one told me. I just let them know the fridge was messed up."
"Well, I'll call you the next time I have to come by. What's your number."

Give number, he leaves, I have a panic attack. I call the office, and the same girl as yesterday answers.
"Okay, no one told me the repair man would be by today. I was naked and asleep. What's with that?"
"You gave us a call."
"And you said you'd get back to me. This is not getting back to me."
"Well, we can't tell you exactly when he'll be by. He goes on several different repairs a day."
"But I was given absolutely no notice. I'm not pissed at you, I'm just upset that this wasn't handled properly."
"Well, we'll try and fix that next time. Thank you!"

Now, these guys already hate me. I put up a damn hard fight trying to live here because of their bullshit (week and a half before I hafta be outta my current place: "Sorry, we can't let you live here because of your co-signer. In thirty years, she was late on two house payments.) But I made sure, before I moved here, that they have to give me a 24 hour notice. A ten hour would be fine.

So, flash forward today when I know some time this week my repair man is supposed to swing by and patch the ceiling (that's another rant entirely). I realize that no one has called me about this yet, so I call the front and ask to be given a notice before he comes by.

"We don't have to."
"And if I'm in the shower?" --->where the ceiling needs to be fixed.
"He'll yell and knock on the door."
"How will I hear that if I'm in the shower?"
"He'll just come in. He won't open the bathroom door if it's closed." --->forgot to tell her where the hole is. Stupid me.
"No, that doesn't work for me. I want a notice."
"We don't have to. No apartments do. He's on too many calls to do that."
"This is ridiculous. Can I just cancel the complaint then and fix it myself?"
"We'll get back to you. What's your number?"
Give number.

So. Here I am. Legally violated. I'm printing up a paper that lists my privacy rights to tape to my door. Can anyone give me more advice on this bullshit?
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