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So a long, long time ago we went to this 24 hour Greek place late at night. It was the only thing open and we were starving. Our waiter wasn't the best at all.
I could have dealt with it. It was late, maybe he was tired, or new or both.
My dad had a little chat with the manager.
On the way out, I happened to glance back and the waiter was giving us the evil eye through the window.
Scared the ever lovin' piss out of me.

And this is more recent:

I ended up jumping through the hoops on mcdonalds.com to complain about one drive-thru person who acted as if they were stoned out of their brains. 'Wha?' was his favorite phrase. And the fish fillets tasted like garbage.

Quite naturally, I have not recieved a reply yet.
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