and i will play my game beneath the spin light (checkpointme) wrote in bad_service,
and i will play my game beneath the spin light

Fuck you shitty Red Lobster Staff

Oh Red Lobster, you pissed me off last night.

I went out to Red Lobster for my birthday party. Told the hostess that there would be 6 people in our party. She said "okay, there will be no wait for you, but take the little vibrating box anyway." I knew something was up when she made us take the box. We waited outside for an additional 20 minutes. We go inside and ask her what the real wait will be. We also tell her our party is down to four people, not the six it was originally.

Bitch gave me a fucking attitude because the number of our party changed. "Why didn't you SAY anything?" with the biggest eye roll I've ever seen isn't the professional way to go about it. We finally get seated. And that's it.

It took my friend getting the manager for them to get our drink order. After 15 minutes of waiting. We arrived at Red Lobster at 8:00 PM, and we finally got our drinks at 8:45. And the manager had to take our order. Our waitress would come to every table but ours. It was the most ridiculous fucking thing I've seen in my life. Then when she finally did come to our table to fill our drink orders, she poured water in everyone's glass. My friend had ordered a Sprite. It took her another 10 minutes to bring my friend a new Sprite. She would flit around every table in the vicinity but ours, holding the Sprite in her hand.

We eat our appetizer and notice that our waitress has gone back to ignoring us. Once we finish, our waitress comes over and says she'll bring the check.

We were paying customers. We wouldn't come to a restaurant if we couldn't afford to pay for a full meal. But at this point, we decide that McDonald's is probably a better alternative to this place. So we pay for the meal and go to leave.

For good service, I generally leave a 25-30% tip. If this girl was ignoring us because she thought we wouldn't tip, she was sorely mistaken. And for her shitty service, she only got a penny tip. As we left I told the manager that we had a horrible time at her establishment and that we won't be frequenting her restaurant in the future. Then we left.

Never going back to that Red Lobster unless I have to. And if I do I will ask for a different table if I ever see that horrible waitress again.
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