Wallwalker (wallwalker) wrote in bad_service,

Inappropriate comments

This is an old story, but I never shared it here before.

It was Easter Sunday, two years ago. I wasn't living near my family or friends, and I was depressed about something and didn't feel like cooking for myself. I ended up going to a McDonalds drive-thru for dinner. Not thinking about what I was doing, I ordered a dollar coke, a dollar double cheeseburger and a dollar fries. The clerk rang it up as exactly that, not the double cheeseburger meal. Neither of us caught the mistake, and I wasn't angry about that; it was only a few cents.

I drove to the next window, paid, and then drove up to wait for my food. I was sitting there when I overheard the manager talking the employee about my order.

Manager: Why did you ring this up this way?
Employee: Because that's what she ordered.
Manager: You should've entered it as a combo, it would've saved her some money!
Employee: Oh, I'm sorry, I made a mistake...
Manager: *angry sigh* Well, forget about it. She's probably too stupid to notice anyway.

I was unhappy. At the very least, she could've waited until I was gone and reprimanded the girl privately. I don't know whether or not she meant me to overhear that comment, but either way it was not appropriate at all.

In retrospect, I should've complained. But then again, if there's one day out of the year that you can forgive someone who has to work at a McDonalds for being cranky, it's Easter. I ended up quietly taking the food and driving away.

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