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Burn, Amazon. BURN!!!!

My first post, so I'm a newb. (lol)

So I've shopped at Amazon.com a couple times, and I've never really had trouble with them... Until now.

Being a college freshman and all, I was quite strapped for cash. So when I found out that they were selling the textbook for 60 dollars less than the actual price, I was like yay! Now my college can't rip me off more than they have to!

Boy was I wrong. First I order it, and the shipping estimate (which is a piece of shit, because its less of an estimate than it is a device to make you HOPE that you'd get the book on time) says that the textbook would be here by September 12th.

September 12th has gone and past... about 2 weeks ago.

I double check the website - hey, they could be wrong right? - and the shipping date has been moved back to 09/18. That's not too bad - its a month before midterms! So along comes 09/18, and I eagerly await my now long overdue textbook. Checking, once again, the where's-my-shit on amazon.com, I see that, ONCE AGAIN, the shipping date has been moved to October. Which also happens to be HALF-WAY through the course.

Now I wouldn't really care about this normally, except that on my syllabus, the textbook is expected to arrive exactly 5 days AFTER my midterm. And it wasn't just me having this problem - it was all of my friends who ordered from Amazon.com. Every single friggin' one of them had Amazon.com go crazy on us for some reason, leaving me to believe:
a) They never had the textbook in the first place, or
b) They did, but they had it in such low qualities that even a couple of orders would clear the entire inventory out.

What the fuck man. WTF?! Either tell the customers that you don't have the textbook and won't be able to ship it anytime soon, or just don't sell it at all. It also doesn't help that I had to cancel one of my OTHER orders, simply because they had also moved the shipping date for that just about 10 times before I gave up hope on it ever reaching me.

Very obviously, I definitely WON'T buy from them again. 
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