Verb, Impulsion (verb_impulsion) wrote in bad_service,
Verb, Impulsion

A businesses-should-not-make-personal-comments rant.

My boyfriend was about to leave for another city for about 8 months to pursue a graduate degree, and naturally, the day before he left, we were both a bit down and weepy and the such. He gave me a Swarovski crystal necklace as a token of “remember me, etc”, if you will, and since we are both students, this has cost him a considerable amount of money. The day before he leaves, I decide to be a romantic and go to the flower shop to get him some forget-me-nots, and this is where our bad_service takes place.

Now, I only had about $3 or $4 to spend at this place (I only planned to get a single stem, even a single flower), since I forgot to transfer some money to my account the night before(the nature of my bank, pah). I walk into the flower shop located in the same mall where I worked at, and I looked at the flowers, debating which ones to buy. I wasn’t feeling very well, one because my boyfriend was leaving, and two because I didn’t have much money to spend on him. The florist, who was answering my questions up till then, notices my dilemma with finances, and decides to offer some helpful words:

“Oh I know you’re very rich, just look at your necklace, hahaha.”

Oh thanks for presuming. This is probably a fake crystal, it’s probably my only piece of luxury (it pretty much is), and it’s probably given to me by others. In addition, just because I probably like to drop cash on pretty crystals and things, doesn’t mean I want to drop cash on flowers, and neither does it mean that I like to splurge. And just the act of commenting on my necklace to get me to buy her flowers was just very annoying in itself.
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