_nextboldmove_ (_nextboldmove_) wrote in bad_service,

So on Monday night my roomie and I go get tattoos (not matching, but together).  Great experience, first time for both of us, gave him big tips (10$ on a $40 bill for each of us, he was way nice about our first time fears).

On our way home we stop at a gas station to get some drinks (it was a 20 minute walk from tattoo place to apartment) and the creepy service begins.

My roommate pays for 2$ worth of stuff with a check--she spent all the cash at the tattoo place (they don't take checks).

"I can't believe you're paying with a check.  Are you joking?"

My roommie responds "That's all I have, the last place we were at didn't take checks so I spent all my cash."

"On what?"

"Do you need my ID?"

"No, I'm not even gonna run it through the machine, this is just a joke.  Wow, how pathetic not to have cash."

We left.  Now, this was only about 10 at night at a very popular station (the only one on the hip strip).

I'm not complaining to the manager, cuz she isn't exactly the greatest, but if he does it again I will.

(Granted, there are 2 other creepy guys working there that either hit on me or otherwise act like they think for some reason I want to do them in the beer cooler---which I don't.)
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