ButterflyDaniele (butterflygrl118) wrote in bad_service,

Oh Chik-Fil-A,...how I hate thee

So, let me start off by saying that I hate fast food as a whole and rarely eat it, but we were running around and needed something quick, were in the mall, and there ya go.

So we walk up to the counter, its lunchtime, its fairly busy. We order our food and I stand back a little to wait. I happen to look behind the counter, where the food is being made, and I'm watching someone without gloves on handle my grilled chicken and my sandwich buns/tomatoes/lettuce. Same with my husbands. I glance around for a sink or such that they could have washed their hands in, see none. Doesn't mean there aren't any in the back, but I'm a bit annoyed about someone touching my food (and I don't mean picking it up with fingers and putting it on bun, I mean their hands probably touched every inch of my food).
I say to the cashier "I don't mean to be completely rude, but why isn't the preparer wearing gloves?" She shrugs. I don't encourage shrugging to me when it comes to my health. "Well, when was your last hand-wash cycle (Having worked in restaurants, we had regular times we had to wash our hands, once an hour, and we didn't even handle food). Again, I get a shrug.
"Well, may I speak to your manager?"
She rolls her eyes and turns around to a man standing NEXT to the person preparing the food, who is also preparing food and had JUST been touching a cash register and pulls him over. He introduces himself as 'the manager on duty', and asks what the problem is. I ask him why the preparer isn't wearing gloves and get the response "What are you, the health department? He washed his hands a little while ago" My face, I know, turned beat red, and I was seething at that comment. Through gritted teeth I said "Can I please see the record that says when the last time he washed his hands, and can I also see where in your store it says that your employees are allowed to touch a cash register and then touch guests food as you did?"

His response threw me for a loop. "We don't keep record of that stupid stuff, and we are busy, I'm helping out, do you really expect me to wash my hands every time I change what I'm doing?"

"Actually, I do. You are working with people's food, and wahts to say you don't have a cut on your hand? That's a wonderful thing to spread on someone's food."

"Look lady, I've got things to do"

"I can see that, and one of those things should be to manage your property better with GLOVES and specified hand-washing times. I want the corporate number and our money back please. I am not eating food that you have been touching with your bare hands."

He REFUSED to give me the corporate number. He gave us a refund, but was sighing and rolling his eyes the whole time.

So I sent a e-correspondence to their website and am waiting to hear back from them (Today is the first day I've had a real chance to do anything about this).

I'm NEVER going back there.

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