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Fedex Kinko's, what's goin on?

This isn't really all that big a deal, but it's been a long time since I wanted to post here (not sure if I even have before, honestly.)

I visit Kinkos a lot because I do the marketing for the real estate agent I work for, but we do not have a printer capable of the quantity I need to print. So I prepare a PDF file all nice and easy to take to a print service with my own post-card paper. Normally I have had the most stellar, exceptional service at Kinkos.. I've even wanted to contact a manager later about the exemplary service I received on one visit.

I guess I've usually gone during the day so maybe that makes a difference, but today I got caught up with other things and since they're 24 hours, I figured I'd just go tonight. I went to have 28 pages printed, front and back (makes 112 postcards - just a few more than what I need).

The person who helped me sluggishly wandered over to the counter where I was standing, while flirting and chatting with the girl working with him. Since this is the same procedure I go through every time, I told him exactly what I had with me and what I needed. He looked at me for a minute while I handed out my USB drive, like he was still processing what I had said. He took it from me, and I'm not sure exactly what he was doing because it took at least twice as long as it usually does, but he was just taking a long time. Not a big deal, I wasn't really in a hurry (except I kind of was, too, I had someone waiting on me). I watched as he put my paper into the machine, and ran a proof. My PDF file had two pages, a front and a back. He did not set up the print to only print one side to start, and page one came out on my postcard paper, and then page two came out. No big deal, that can be fixed.

He, apparently, doesn't know that. He brings the papers over and holds them up and said "I'm sorry, I kind of messed up two of them." Since I had already thought of what must be the most complicated solution in the world, I just flatly told him "You can print the opposite page on the back of each of those." He thinks for a second and goes "Yeah, I guess I could."

He heads back over to the copier and puts them down. (I figured he was just going to fool with them afterward) and then goes to put regular copier paper on top of the rest of my postcards. He prints a whole bunch of copies of my page 1 onto regular paper, draws some arrows on a plain sheet of paper (I presume to make sure he's putting the page 1s in correctly to print page 2... I suppose better safe than sorry, but I would think one would get used to it but I guess that's just me) and prints some more stuff. I'm not exactly sure what he's doing and why he's taking too long to do it, but I was parked in a 15 min spot and it was now nearing 20 minutes. I wasn't really concerned, but it was starting to irritate me.  The thought "Can I just.... do it myself?" went through my head several times. This fellow and the girl continued to talk and flirt while I leaned on the counter and just watched him "work."

When he is done, he brings me my 28 pages. I pay for them. I go out to my car, which thankfully doesn't have a parking ticket since I had been inside for a total of about 30 minutes, and think I should count my copies just to make sure since I was kind of pushing it on how many I had vs. how many I needed. Apparently I should have counted them inside.

The two "error pages" were just stuck in the middle of my stack. Apparently, changing a print setting to just print one copy of page one, then one copy of page 2 is too challenging. I didn't care to go back in because I can just do that myself tomorrow (I can do a few, just not larger quantities).

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