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The Queen Is A Liar - X-posted


Or, at least, the people working in Her name are. I am talking about the Royal Mail.

The Royal Mail who, if you call to ask where the Hell your parcel or letter has gotten to, will tell you, 'I do not know; the backlog from the strikes was cleared weeks ago'.

This is an out and out lie.

If you ask your postman, he will tell you the same; I am undecided as to whether they are closig ranks right through the business, or whether your poor, humble postman has been told the same lie as the public. The latter, I suspect, so that he may take the brunt of the public's disdain, and not the Big Cheeses at Royal Mail HQ.

And how do I know this?

Two reasons, really:
1. Outsourcing postal activity to temps is a really very naive thing for RM to have done at this time; I think they can expect full-scale whistle-blowing, if this carries on. Word gets around about this kind of thing, you see.
2. I got two letters this week, one of which was posted on the 3rd, and had just 50 miles to travel. I also received a package this moring, four days after I had ordered it; in the fifteen years I have used this company, I have never waited more than one day for my order to arrive.

Please paste this, email it, whatever. Spread the word.

We are being lied to as a nation by one of the institutions we should be able to trust the most.


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