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David's Bridal

Being in my friend's wedding made me develop some qualms about David's Bridal. Previous Post After I got my shoes I vowed never to go back. What happened next is something that makes me vow never to go back, ever. The girl who's wedding I was in, they scorched her dress. Not only did they scorch her dress, but they tried to convince her that it was dirt that came out when it was being pressed. (Because a dress that's never been out of the bag is just oh so dirty!)
It gets better, the manager tells her that they will "fix her mistake" free of charge. That's right, apparently it's my friend's fault that the dress was "dirty". When my friend picks up the dress, where the worst of the scorch marks are, they covered with some sort of dye or fabric paint. But it was my friend's fault that the dress got dirty. -eyeroll-
She wore that same dress to her wedding and looked beautiful in it. No one noticed the faint brown scorch marks running down the sides or the slightly off colored parts of the dress. But that is no excuse for all the bull shit they pulled.

Oh, shortly after registering at David's Bridal I got a call saying that I had won a free $1000 online shopping spree. She talked so fast that I couldn't catch the name of the company. When I asked how I won the shopping spree the girl hung up and never called again. Coincidence? I think not!
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