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I didn't know what to say to this...

Not really "bad", but pretty WTF. Sales people just shouldn't SAY things like this.

A while ago, a friend and I were shopping for dresses to wear on some semiformal occasions. We both wanted to get Chinese dresses in this kind of style. We have almost identical measurements, taller than average, fairly thin, not much in the boob area, wider hips, and this style is very flattering on our body shape.

The first store we went into, I picked out a few different colors and styles to try. In all of them, the 6 was a little too big but the 4 was a little too tight. I could get it on, but definitely wouldn't be able to sit down and you know, I kinda like sitting down sometimes. I had a 4 on and was thinking to myself, I should get a 6 and have it taken in a bit, so I turned to the sales lady and said something about the 4 being too tight across the hips.

Her reply? "You should just lose about five pounds. Then it will fit."

I can't remember what I said to that, probably a flustered "Oh... um...", but my friend and I soon left the store and said we'd "think about" the dresses while we checked out the rest of the mall.

Salesladies... telling your customers they should lose weight is a pretty crappy way of making them feel good in your clothes. Better option? "You're a bit too small for the 6, but if you have it taken in it will fit beautifully." It is a BAD IDEA to buy clothes too small and count on losing a couple pounds to fit into them.

I bought a 6 at a different store that offered free alterations with purchase. My friend went for a 4 that she found for a really good price on clearance, but never wore it because it was too tight.
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