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Is it Bad Service Week?

I swear, this has all been in the past seven days.

Bad Service #1: I've been trying to buy a new sewing machine. I saw a machine at a good price at Joann.com (Singer Quantum Futura CE-200 - sewing/embroidery, marked down to $600), and thought I'd go in to a store to try it before I spent such an ungodly sum of money. On Tuesday, I went in. Granted, I couldn't remember the model number, but figured that I'd recognize it if I saw it. The saleswoman acts like she has other things to do, and pretty much refuses to acknowledge the existence of machines that cost less than $2,000.00. I leave. The next day, I go back, armed with the model number and price, and tell the woman that I'm interested in buying this machine, if I can try it out to make sure it's what I want. It's a different person this time, and she's worse than before. She tells me they don't sell that model (as they just rent space from JoAnn's).

I say, "Well, I might just buy a good everyday machine instead; you've got these on sale, what can you tell me about them?"

"Well, they're pretty good. The schools use them." ::dead silence::

"How do they sew?"

"Oh, uh...I'll show you." She fumbled to set one up, stood there and sewed a line herself and handed it to me. That was the extent of it. She didn't offer to let me test it out, she didn't offer to show me other embroidery machines in my price range, nothing. Instead, she fidgeted and looked away from me, and generally seemed to not want to sell me anything. (I figure this was because of my orange-and-black spiky hair and my black nail polish.)

(Happy ending: I went to a teeeeeny hole-in-the-wall repair shop with my old machine. The man who owned the store had a new Futura in the box AND a demo model, which he explained thoroughly and allowed me to test. It was more expensive than on-line, but it was worth it to be able to start sewing on it that night.)

Bad Service #2: I lost the charger to my cell phone between Dragoncon and here. Tuesday night I went into a local Verizon place to replace it. The rep got smart with me as I'm looking at accessories ("You're getting warmer..." ::rolls eyes::), and when I told him what I needed, he grabbed one off the rack and rang it up. I asked, "Are you sure that's the right one?" With a scowl on his face, he grabbed my phone, shoved the pin in the bottom and said snidely, "Yes, I'm sure."

Well, guess what? It wasn't the right one. I took it back, and the other two guys working there couldn't find one to fit my phone, but I could go to another store, because they can't give me a refund or credit, because their system is "running slow". I had to ask for the corporate number to complain several times before they gave it to me. Guess who shelled out $$ and as yet doesn't have the right charger? Grr.

Bad Service #3: I stopped and got the kids Burger King breakfast meals yesterday (we all overslept and were grumpy, so they got a treat for getting out of the house on time.) The drive-through folks hand us the bags and drinks, and disappear. I mean, all of them just disappear. Nobody up front. At. All. For at least three minutes (I know, because we sat there, timing it.) Why did it matter? Because they gave us no straws and no salt and no kid's meal toys (and yes, the breakfast meals do come with toys.) Finally, we had to leave or risk being late for school, so we just left. Man, I hate hash browns without salt.

All in one week. What retail gods did I piss off, I wonder?
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