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Minor sucks. Two, to be exact,

I realize these aren't that bad.  That being said...

I'm 33 weeks pregnant (my cravings, let me show you them).  Sunday, I really, really wanted ribs.  We went to that know, the one where people want their baby backs.  I ordered the honey BBQ rack, light sauce.  They send me the hot ones.  I take a rib off, bite into it's rib-ly goodness...and my mouth burns (I can only tolerate spicy food at certain times.  My husband tries them to see if I've lost my mind, cause I hear pregnancy can throw taste off.  He agrees...really spicy.  I get my waiter to come out, see if they can be remade.  He takes them back to the kitchen.  He brings them out at miraculous speed...and they're the same ribs, just covered with honey BBQ sauce.  It even has the same half eaten rib on the plate.  I try once again to eat them, but still too spicy.  The server comes out and says he'll send a manager.  Manager comes out and says they can't be the same ribs, she watched them make new ones.  We point out the rib I ate first time out.  She apologizes, takes them off the table, and off the bill.  So it turned out ok, but why give me the same spicy food?

Tonight, I really wanted a Subway grilled chicken.  They close at 10, I work til 9.  I race home to make it there in time, get there at 9:32...and the place is locked down.  No one's been there a while, looks like.  All the lights are out, etc.  I made sure the time of closing on the door should be 10, and it is.  I realize they didn't serve me so it's not terrible service, but I really wanted my sammich.  It's kind of a crapshoot with them too...sometimes they stay open til 10, sometimes I drive by and they're closed.  I just wish there was some sense of normalcy in their closing time so I don't get all excited for food then disappointed. 
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