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I've been reading customers_suck for ages but this one didn't fit there. Went with some co-workers to a local Mexican restaurant. I've only been there a couple of times and I've never been impressed with their service. There were four of us and we were expecting another co-worker to join us. We said this up front but were led to a booth for four. We restated that we expected someone else so were moved to another room. The chips and salsa were provided right away and then nothing. We waited and waited, getting thirstier and thirstier from the chips. Finally M got up to ask that someone take our order. I ordered one of the specials and specified beef. I also asked for un-sweetened tea (this is the South folks). We waited and waited and waited and thought we were going to have to go track down the waiter but finally he showed up. I got sweet tea and chicken instead of beef. I did not leave a tip. I will also opt out next time anyone wants to go there. I prefer Chinese anyway.

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