Christina (trenthamfamily) wrote in bad_service,

More WTH service than BAD service I think...

I wouldn't categorize this as bad service but it makes you go WTH?

Yesterday a woman came to our door trying to get us to change electric companies. She called me by my last name and I said yeah that's me. She gave me the details of what we would get and whatnot and that we were automatically approved to switch without a deposit. Other than the very strong smell of smoke I think it went well.

We get through the entire process and I get my husband and introduce them. His name is X, she does a double take and said the name on the account was something else, it was XX... Oh! That's his dad's' name. He lives right across the street and sometimes we'll get mail for him.

That changed everything. So we tried to do the conversion anyways but it turned out we had to pay a $175 deposit *ouch* no can do right now.

The WTH part of it was she said for us to USE dad's information and credit anyways and she'd say that I'm still who I am, same last name, and let them assume that we're married. So we'd put the account in dad's name and in a month or two change it to my name.

I didn't feel comfortable doing that and said no thanks but she was really pushy in that nobody would ever find out that we're using someone elses credit information for our utilities. Even if I did change MY name on the account from HIS then HE still would be connected to it.

I hope that people don't do this all the time without asking the persons credit that you're using. I would think that once she found out it wasn't us, that's the end of it. Isn't that fraud of some kind?
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