Kayla (b0oger) wrote in bad_service,

Petty gripe...

A few months ago, I found a dirt-covered catalog on our lawn in a clear plastic bag. We get them all the time, and they get picked back up by people from whatever company after a few weeks. Since we were having people over and we had made an effort for the house to look nice, I decided to hurl the catalog out, as it looked like rubbish. 

Cue about a week later. Weird sales person on the doorstep, wondering where the hell their precious catalog is. I apologized and said that I threw it out. The sales person got really shitty with me for doing it, and told me to leave it out as they come back from it. I felt really bad, as he made me believe I did something wrong.

As soon as he left, I thought about it. Hang on, this company is leaving crap all over my front lawn, and wants me to leave it there so they can come get it eventually, in hope i'll buy something from them? And I felt bad for throwing away their shit that they left? Noooo. Not on.

I bring this up now, as they have left another one. It's been sitting there for a few weeks. What should I do to it? I was considering getting a big black marker and writing 'PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE YOUR RUBBISH BEHIND' as I feel they are out of line by leaving junk on private property, and getting angry with people who throw away their rubbish.



I got home and my mum had thrown it out since she was mowing the lawn (why didn't she just run over it? Pfft!), but I have heeeeaps of ideas for next time, haha! I showed my mum this post and we had a good laugh at some of the comments :D thanks guys!!
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