Matt Williams (fallstorm) wrote in bad_service,
Matt Williams

an Apple horror story.

Right now I'm a little peeved off at Apple.

An IRC server I connect to regularly has just decided to require identd. Ok, that's their right (even though the only people that go there are 10-12 people who have been friends for years). I'm looking for an option to enable identd in the OS. I'm running MacOS X 10.3, which has strong roots in BSD. BSD includes an identd server, so MacOS X should as well.

I look around for a few minutes in the system and can't find one. Being a good little geek, I start up Terminal and play around in the BSD/Darwin underminings. Can't find one there either, but I find an xinetd file to start it. Next I log onto Apple's support page to see if anyone's asked this before. Nope, no matches on a search.

Then the fun starts.

I bought a Mac because they're built well and they have good support. I bought AppleCare with my iBook to extend the support and warranty another three years at a cost of about $160. You'd figure you could find a support phone number. Nope. It's not there. Anywhere. So I had to call the Apple store to get the number.

I call the support phone number I finally get. The voice recognition system asks me to tell it my computer model. I say "iBook G4". Couldn't recognize it. I say it again, even more clearly. It then tells me to wait. The first available person will answer in about 15 (?!?!?!) minutes. About 6 minutes later someone answers from the PowerMac G4 team. Yeah, that helps. 5 minutes later I'm talking to a laptop person.

They've never heard of identd. Ok, fine... this is a first-string support person, I can't expect them to know much more than where the power button is. He puts me on hold for about 10 minutes to find someone else. Their response? It's not in the operating system, it's not something you can install, you need to change IRC clients.


But they'd have none of it. They didn't care. "Well, I use ircle and it has an option for identd in it." Ok, that's nice. X-Chat Aqua comes with an identd server which I installed and set up in xinetd to start. I'm seeing an error in console that I bet would help if you would let me read it to you!

Sorry, can't help, try another IRC client.

Here's my problem with all of this. Firstly, Apple is known for their support. Why couldn't I find a support phone number on their support pages or in any of the Mac help menus? Especially for paying AppleCare members, this should be pasted all over the place! If your voice menu is unreliable, let us press buttons on the phone. Don't make us wait for as much as 15 minutes and then wait again.

And if it's an operating system problem, don't tell us to change IRC clients. It's not going to work. I don't want to use ircle... it's not a fun program to use, it hasn't been updated in forever, and it's not free. Identd isn't one of those super-rare things like a kermit server... almost all IRC servers require it. And they had no idea what I was talking about.

Why am I paying for extra support again?

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