Briana (dryadgrl) wrote in bad_service,

Earthlink blows goats (again or still, I can't tell)

Last week or so I posted about how they blow goats ... still. I should probably put all this shit together about all the times I've called and all the shit that's happened and how many hundreds of hours I've waited for them. But at the very least I thought others, as many others as possible, should know.

So I worte them and said that I wanted out of my contract. That they had clearly breached it and that essentially I wanted the freedom to go else where. So their problem stated below with me is that I "declined" to let anyone help me. I'd say 15 hours of being on hold and working with technicians and trying to get them to call me back, not counting the 50 hours that I spent last time around counts as "allowing".

On Tue, September 11, 2007 8:22 am, Reese Gary wrote:
> September 11, 2007
> Dear Ms. C:
> I would like to offer my personal apologies for any inconvenience you have
> encountered. It appears that recently you have declined to have our
> technicians help you to determine why you are experiencing problems with
> your voice service. While I can understand your concerns that you had
> problems in the past we must have the ability to troubleshoot to determine
> your problem. Thus I must respectfully decline to waive your early
> termination fee of $149.95. Nonetheless I would like to bring this to a
> satisfactory close and will waive $50.00 of this fee should you decide to
> cancel your services.
> If you have any additional questions or concerns please contact me
> directly.
> Respectfully,
> Ms. Reese Gary
> Executive Relations Administrator
> EarthLink Headquarters
> 1375 Peachtree Street
> Level A
> Atlanta, GA 30309
> V: (404)443-4377
> F: (404)287-1036

Dear Ms. Reese,

This is in no way satisfactory.

I allowed more than one technician the "ability to troubleshoot" my machine, my connection, their lines. But I have not bee able to give you endless hours of my time. I think one and a half hour should be plenty for them to find out my details of my account, don't you? Well your technician didn't. Having worked in the tech industry I find that your service is really horrifically bad and all I'm asking for is to be released from a contract that you repeatedly breached and could ultimately not fulfill.

Your staff are completely incompetent and I've been left with no service, a computer whose configuration doesn't work and so on - so I had to call in other people and pay them to fix issues that your technicians created.

You will not ever get that fee from me. Your service does not work. And I've spent hundreds of hours now being on the phone or waiting for techs none of which can help me.

I've started keeping a blog about the crappy service and more and more people are being turned off of Earthlink because of you own crappy service. All I have to do is tell people the honest, unembellished truth. But you can drag this out. The more you don't either make amends or release the contract, the more people know about it and the more people are repulsed by your behavior.

But it's nice to be able to name names.


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