bait in the wolf trap (petitfour) wrote in bad_service,
bait in the wolf trap

2 1/2 hours is not the appropriate amount of time to have to wait for a tow to an auto shop that's 20 minutes down the highway. The guys on the phone just keep giving me the runaround telling me ten more minutes, and that was like an hour ago.

My car won't start, and I went out of my way to use a place that came recommended to me. I called at 10am and they said they'd get someone right out within the hour, at least at my house by 11am. I thought three hours was enough time to leave in between so that I could get to work at 1pm, but now the fact that they're still not here yet is really chapping my ass.

Plus now I get to have my boss mad at me because I can't give him an ETA of when I'll be in because no one at the shop will give me a time. Joy.
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