ashleyf88 (ashleyf88) wrote in bad_service,

not major, but still yanked my chain

Today I met up with a friend at University and we went to the cafeteria to study, 1/2 way through studying we decided we were hungry and since it was lunch time, we quckly got in line to beat the rush of students just getting out of class.  Now eating at any of the university cafeterias you don't expect speed or service.   My friend and I decide to each get a chicken burger and fries which according to the menu was $4.29 which seemed very reasonable considering they jack up their prices alot because they know students will pay.  My friend also got a side of gravy for the 2 of us to share to dip our fries in.  

We're now waiting in line to pay and the cash only till had no line so i went there to pay and my friend stayed int he big line to pay debit.  my burger/fries was rang up at $6.77 which seemed kind of high to me but i brushed it off and thought maybe my friend read the wrong line on the menu board.  We get to our table and my friend then asks me how much mine was I tell her shes like go back they ripped you off, I paid $6.22 for mine (and hers included the gravy), so I go back and I nicely tell the lady that she overcharged me.  She asks what i ordered and what i paid I tell her and she insists shes right.  I tell her thats ridiculous, the menu board said 4.29 and my friend got the same thing as me plus gravy paid $6.22.  Again she tells me shes right but calls over someone else.  She asks the lady she called over that the button she pushed was the right one and the lady tells her that no it isnt the button she pushed was for a combo.  She rudely tells me to go take a bottle of water, i tell her I dont want the water (i brought a bottle from home) and I just want my money back, after spending 5 minutes discussing with this other lady what to do/how much should she give back/insisting  ordered chicken fingers and fries (different prce and wouldnt work in my advantage) and i kept telling her to refund the combo and punch in the right thing and give me the difference (since my food was now getting cold) all i got was dirty looks and was blown off, eventually they gave me my money back but i didnt appreciate being blown off, told i was wrong, and told to just go take a bottle of water because she was too lazy to do something.

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