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Minor McDonald's Kvetch

Is it really so hard to give me my complete, correct order, that's somewhat warm? I didn't think I was asking for a lot here.

I stopped by the drive-thru for lunch for the hubby and I. #2 combo, no pickles and onions, coke, #2 combo, no cheese, coke, nuggets and bbq sauce. Guess which part they mess up?

Not the special orders, surprisingly, but they completely left out the nuggets! Bad me for not checking before I left the drive-thru, but I was trying to get the food home before hubby had to go to work. And everything was completely cold. To the point where I was tempted to leave my fries outside to warm up.

I call the number on the receipt, but they were only willing to give me the nuggets "for free" if I drove back immediately. I put the for free in quotations, because they weren't going to refund the money I paid for them, they were just willing give them to me if I came back. Not exactly free, eh? They were for the hubby, who's already gone, and at a $1, would cost me more in gas to go back. At this point, I'm just writing it off as a lesson learned. Check the bag before leaving!
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