Becca (theflyers) wrote in bad_service,

Dude, really?

We (Company) had a shipment picked up by some Courier Service, that later signed it over to a larger international Trucking Company.

No worries right?

Then I get an invoice from the Trucking Company stating that the Courier Service noted that they were supposed to be billing '3rd party' on OUR account.

No. That's not right. I send over letters and phone calls, they say they'll fix it! Yay...(oh not so fast)

Today I got another 'late notice' from Trucking Company. APPARENTLY anyone can bill a shipment to your account and the only way to get it off the account is to have the shipper (in this case Courier Service), or someone else who just feels like paying the price; fax them a letter agreeing to take responsibility.

Does that sound backwards or am I completely crazy?

This doesn't require account numbers, so they can just say "Bill it to Joe Bob Smithy." Give the address and boom Mr Joe is financially responsible for the bill.

Bitch. Please.

I'd rather ship with UPS. No seriously, I would rather chew on shards of glass than ever have to deal with these pissfaces again. Haven't you ever heard of a freaking charge back? I hate them, I hate them with this burning mean passion.
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