The Artist formerly known as Cybele24 (rightsaidred) wrote in bad_service,
The Artist formerly known as Cybele24

Sorry for asking you to do your job...

So I have this thing for Jamba Juice.  It's intense this thing I have... for Jamba Juice, that is. (Points if you get the reference)

This morning I made my happy way to the JJ at Coffman Union for my daily dose of fruity goodness.  

They aren't really busy (only two people besides me the whole time I was there), though I notice they have two new people working.  So I put in my order: A sixteen oz. Fit 'n' Fruitful, NO weight burner boost due to it having soy in it (mild allergy), substitute Green Caffeine boost.  Very simple.  So she takes my order, takes it to one of the new girls and explains to her about the boost change (why she didn't just key it in on the register I don't know.  Everybody else does).  So I watch the girl make it, but I'm not watching uber-closely.  I do notice my boost comes from an end container.  

When it finishes blending, it does NOT look right.  It's usually a kind of pumpkin-orange.  This was all brownish and , to be frank, it looked like vomit.  Vomit with little flecks of mango and strawberry in it.  My cup was also NOT full- about an inch short of full.  But I figure, the girl is new, and maybe the green tea was a little old or something.  I"ll let it go.  So I walk away towards my office, then I taste it.  It's NOT right-tasting.  NOt precisely bad, but not like it usually tastes--definitely too much lemonade, not enough mango, and something that made it brown.

SO I go back.  THe following ensues.

Me:  I'm sorry, but this doesn't taste right.  And it's all brownish-looking.  I've had this smoothie before, and this is not what it is supposed to taste like.
Jamba lady: What do you mean, it's brown?  
me: it's usually a bright orange, but this is... kinda brownish
Jamba lady: well you got the green tea boost in it and the strawberries, that will do that
me: *a tiny scoop of white powder makes my smoothie brown?* I've had this smoothie with this boost before, and I know it doesn't look or taste like this.
Jamba lady: *grabs my smoothie, looks at it.  Gives me a LOOK, dumps my smoothie out.* Fine. *Goes over to the line and remakes my smoothie, all the while copping a major 'tude about it.  The new girls wisely back off and get out of her way. *
Me: *notices she uses a boost from the middle of the bar this time... the n00b must have put the weight burner in the first time... glad I didn't drink much of it.*
Jamba lady: Here.  *hands me smoothie and walks away*

I'm just glad I could see what she was doing the whole time, or I'd have been afraid to drink it.  I mean, I realize you are training two new people who seem pretty clueless, and that can be frustrating.  But for the love of smoothie-y goodness, do you have to be such a bitch just because I'm asking for you to do your damn job?  Sorry to inconvenience you by making sure my $4 smoothie is actually what I asked for.
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