the_organism (the_organism) wrote in bad_service,

Target Electronics Department :\

Now first off let me explain, just joined, first time poster long time lurker.


Now, for the record I work at Target and I normally don't get bad service.  But this one topped it this past week. 
I believe this past week, "It's always sunny in philadelphia seasons 1 and 2" came out on DVD.  I think 'Oooh! I love this show! i'm gonna pick it up today! :D'  Lo and behold, I go into work and skim the electronics department, we don't have it in stock, i even had a co-worker check the backroom...nothing in the back. ":[ sad"

Sooo, when my shift is over, i go home and call the next Target closer to me, after being transferred to the electronics department and waiting atleast 5 minutes for them to pick up, the girl back in TSC [the office], picks up and asks what I was looking for, I promptly tell her the dvd set I was looking for.  No more than a minute later she comes back on and explains that they don't CARRY that title.

Now I pause, because that's SUCH a load of bull it's not even funny.  When new releases come out, EVERY targets plan for electronics is the same.  They all get the same releases.

So, just for kicks my boyfriend and I go to said Target and...WOW they actually did carry it!  Needless to say I 'lol'd'.  Lately i've been trying to work on speaking up for myself when something goes wrong [i'm normally really shy].  So my boyfriend replied 'we're not leaving this store untill you say something.

So I did, I went to the 'gstl' which is the manager of the front end, i should have gotten the store manager but oh well.  I explained to her said situation.  And her response is, "Well normally things DO go out of stock so we may not have had it in stock at that time.'  Bull excuse, they could have checked the area and said they didn't have it at the moment, but they obviously didn't check.

well..yah i guess that's it xD.

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