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Update to:

The account is under investigation. I requested that they freeze the account while the investigation is going on so I wouldn't accrue any more charges, I was told TWICE that the account was frozen.

Saturday I get a letter dated the 5th of september stating that another interest charge has been added.

Today I get a "statement" the first since the uber late June one, except it's not a proper statement and it's missing a late fee charge but shows the late payment refund they gave me except that is dated 27 June which is completely the wrong date. It also doesn't show the payment I did make on the 27th of June which covered everything I'd brought. It shows another fee was added recently though. It's also dated the 4th of September, which means it took 6 days to get here allegedly.

I still have not had a single full proper statement since the late June one. Yet I receive letters demanding money usually exceedingly late when date arrived is compared to "date sent" and flyers for new products arrive regularly and on time from them. All my other mail is on time and delivered within two days of the date on the letters. Their mailings are the only ones invariably late or don't arrive at all and they're trying to tell me it's the post office? If it is a Post office messing up then it's their post office in their building.

I ring up and speak to someone.

The account isn't frozen despite the investigation still being on going, how long does it take to realise that there is a fault on their end anyway? They've been investigating for over two weeks now. I'm told categorical that the account is NOT frozen, despite me previously checking and double checking it with two different people who both assured me that yes the account was frozen.

I'm told that it will continue to accrue fees "unless" I pay all the late fees now and then if they decide that there is a fault, they'll refund me the money.

Why do I have a feeling that if they get their hands on my money then it'll magically be all my fault and the investigation will conclude there's nothing wrong?

Edit: Rang up again, spoke to a gentleman this time (usually I get female workers who just try to bully me into paying up), he's sent a reccommendation to have the balance written off. Whether it'll be written off or not is another matter but hopefully it'll be sorted soon.

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