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M&T Bank, how do I hate thee, let me count the ways

It wasn't enough to credit my payday charges before you credited my paycheck, so I racked up a bunch of overdraft charges on a particularly tight week. It wasn't enough to charge me for not having enough money in my savings account, so you charged me $5 a month for the privilege of having MY money in your bank, and then only giving me 2 cents in interest for all the times I had money in my account. (That you probably made a lot more on lending it to other people.)

No, after your Fraud Department called me to alert me that I had a possible fraudulent charge on my account (and I do appreciate that), your clerk couldn't find the charge when I took off time to come into your branch the next business day. However, since my account was compromised, you made me get a new ATM/check card, which meant I had to change all my auto pay accounts AND operate without a credit card the week I was doing an inter-city move. 

Your idiot clerk then NEVER BOTHERED TO SEND IN THE INFORMATION. Possibly she thought you already had the information since your Fraud Department had already called me. But I didn't appreciate the 6 weeks you made me wait to have the amount credited, but I guess that's an improvement over the 90 days the clerk quoted to me.

And if all that wasn't enough, now I'm getting snarky notices from you saying I needed to submit documentation on why I am disputing a charge from a merchant, and if I don't, you'll charge me the original amount.

Only good luck trying to get it, because, dear M&T, I have opened an account with the credit union at work and I will be doing all my banking with them. Good luck with your millions of other customers, although you do know, don't you, that supply of customers isn't infinite?

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