Dennis Carr (dennisthetiger) wrote in bad_service,
Dennis Carr


When I go to Denny's, I don't expect five star service. But, when I went last night to the one in Kirkland, WA, I wasn't really expecting to post here.

Well, here I am.

Now, if I go to Denny's, I can forgive them when they don't greet me immediately upon walking in, I can deal with it if they don't prepare my hash browns exactly to my specs (and tend to be content if they make a mistake or two), and if the restaurant looks a wee bit dishevelled, I can cope.

But last night, when at this restaurant, not only did we not get our table for ten minutes in an otherwise empty restaurant, we waited to have our order taken for fifteen minutes while they apparently kept telling the waiter - who, by the way, was NOT well trained - to work in a different section every five minutes or so, confusing the living hell out of him for starters. Then, this waiter - who seemed stoned, by the way - bollixed all of our orders, and almost gave me somebody else's ultimate omelette.

One of our party of three didn't get his place setting until the end of the meal, which meant that he wound up eating much of his meal without utensils. Then there was the cook - this older guy with long gray hair pulled back into a pony tail - who kept giving me eyes from the grill. And to top all of this off, the manager looked like she was taking heroin.

Oh, yeah. Just to be pissy, he fubar'd my drink order as well, and my hash browns - which I had ordered with bell peppers, onions, tomatoes, and mushrooms cook amidst them (and this whole thing cooked well done), with cheddar on top (those who are familiar with Waffle House would possibly recognized this as "covered, smothered, diced, peppered, and capped"), had the hash browns distinctively not well done, with only onions and peppers on top - and enough grease in the hash browns where one of our party could have changed his oil in the parking lot.

I have already called the call center for Denny's, and hope to be hearing from the franchise owner soon. I don't intend on returning to this store again, instead favoring a place called Shari's off of NE 116th and I-405.
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