Kimber (chesterismyhero) wrote in bad_service,

Mexican Restaurant suck...

I generally don't eat at Mexican restaurants. I'm just not a fan of the food. However, my friends seem to have some obsession with a local place called "La Fiesta".

The first time I went was last November. We were having a birthday party for my best friend. I managed to find a steak burrito on the menu that didn't sound too bad. When they bring the food out, I get stuck with a chicken burrito. I knew I had said steak, but yet I got chicken. I'm not the type to complain, so I went with it. I didn't want to hold everyone else up while we waited for my food and I have this fear that if I ever say something, I'm going to end up with spit in my food (it has happened before). I snagged some ketchup from my rugrat's chicken strips and ate the burrito anyway.

Last night we went to this restaurant again before a party. I didn't want to have the same problem as last time, so this time I made sure to order a "Seasoned Ground Beef burrito with shredded cheese on the side". Guess what? At least I didn't get chicken....I got a bean burrito and no cheese. This time I sent it back. They brought me out a beef burrito, but no cheese. After I was given my replacement, our waiter disappeared. I waited 5 minutes before deciding just to eat it.

I can definitely say that I'm never going there again.
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