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Reminded by kagekiss's post.

My fiance used to have an account at Wells Fargo. He gets paid every Friday at about 1pm and as he works a half day, he therefore has plenty of time to deposit the check in the bank before the 3pm cut-off time. However, EVERY TIME he would deposit a check, it wouldn't process until a WEEK later! Here's an example of what happened several times, despite several calls to customer service to complain.

Now, I've had bank accounts before where, if you deposit a check that doesn't post until the next day and then try to, say, use your debit card the day of the deposit, there's a possibility that when the transaction goes through, as the funds are listed in the bank's system as PENDING, that the transaction does go through, since the bank knows that you are in fact good for the money, just not until the next day. I know some banks don't do this. Sometimes you just have to wait until the check posts and until then, your card gets declined. At Wells Fargo, they'll go ahead and let your debit purchase go through, but then charge you a $32 overdraft fee, despite the fact that the money is IN the account, just not technically cleared.

So, level one of Wells Fargo bad service was that despite my fiance's check being deposited BEFORE 3pm, tellers have stated it wasn't guaranteed to be posted until Monday, even though their policy said otherwise. Any transactions over the weekend would bounce, causing an overdraft fee.

Level two was that in reality, they then took an additional five days to clear the check, (it wouldn't clear until the following Friday) so then any transactions over that week would also cause a fee. By the time the check cleared and all fees had been processed, we were left with about $20. As I said, we called customer service several times to complain and conversations basically went like this: (not verbatim, but the general tone is correct)

(keep in mind that my fiance deposits a check from the SAME payroll company EVERY week)
Fiance: (explains situation, deposited check before 3pm, didn't clear until following Friday, overdraft fees, blah blah, unhappy)
Customer Service: (mechanical and scripted voice) Sir, any deposits made after 3pm will not post to your account until the following Monday.
F: But I deposited BEFORE 3pm.
CS: Any deposits made after 3pm will not post to your account until the following Monday.
F: Okay, whatever. Say I did deposit after 3 then, since you seem to think I did. Why didn't it clear until Friday.
CS: I don't know.
F: Oookaaay... then how about these fees? I shouldn't have been charged the overdraft fees if the money was in my account.
CS: If the money registers as pending, then it's not in your account yet and we have the right to charge you a fee.
F: Fine, any fees from weekend transactions, you can keep, whatever. But what about fees from the WEEK?
CS: You are responsible for those.
F: So, I was told my check may not process until Monday, but that after Monday, the money was guaranteed to be there. And yet, after Monday, when I used my debit card, I was still charged an overdraft fee? And I am responsible for this?
CS: Yes sir, you are.
F: (insert rant about how shady it is to keep a check and not cash it so that the customer incurs fees and then forces them to pay said fees)
CS: I'm sorry, I can't help you with this. (states random policies in emotionless voice)
F: (hangs up phone in frustration, swears a lot, has a cigarette)

After a few instances of this happening and promises that posting his check late would never happen again that were subsequently broken, he finally got the hint, withdrew what little money he had left, and told them to take a flying f*ck off of a pole.

I know you should know what you're getting into when getting a bank account, but certainly Wells Fargo's shady practices can clearly be recognized as downright ridiculous.
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