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Wells Fargo Fail

I don't usually post here, but this just pushed my buttons...

I've been a member of Wells Fargo checking for 2 years, paying $12 a month to have a checking account there. I used to have my check direct deposited, but decided that I don't make enough money to justify keeping it all in the bank: most of my bills are local, so it's easier all around to pay cash, and just use the bank account for online bills such as my car insurance.

I assumed that was my personal choice and none of my banks business.

Yesterday I went in to cash my payroll check, which is written on a different bank, but it's still a payroll check.

The teller asked me if I wanted any cash back.

Me: "Um... yes ma'am, I was here to just cash that, so I'd like the full amount back, please."

Her: "You're not going to deposit anything?"

Me: "No, thank you, I have errands to run that can't wait until 4PM for it to post."

Her: "Well, you only have (less then $20) in your account right now, so I don't know if I can even do that."

Me: "... I'm sorry? I'm not overdrawn, so why should it matter? I don't understand that policy. How much am I supposed to have to be able to cash my paycheck?"

Her: "The amount of the check."

Me: "... Um... okay... just for customer feedbacks sake, I don't agree with that policy; I'm living paycheck to paycheck as it is. Could you try anyway? If it doesn't work, I guess it just doesn't work."

Her: "Hmm... *typing* well, it looks like it'll let me do that after all!"

Me: "Oh good ^_^"

I thought everything was fine... I was still a little ruffled that they expect customers to just have $700 laying around in their accounts to able to cash a check hassle free, but apparently the computer wasn't going to enforce it this time, so I signed my check and waited for her to hand me my money. She gave me this weard look and then said in a kind of lecturing tone:

Her:"............ This isn't a check cashing service, you know."

Huh? Excuse me? ... I must be lost...  I was looking for a BANK?!

I was under the impression that check cashing services were for people who couldn't go to a BANK - you know, like they're tourists, or for some reason can't get a bank account, or something like that?

Grrr... I'm not sure if that's actually bank policy, or if the teller is just confused about her job/snarky in general. It really bugged me though, and I think next time I get paid I'm going to take the check to BoA where it's written on and open an account there. The only reason I didn't do that originally is because they only have ONE branch in this area, and it's in the next town over.


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