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And I used to wonder why they always had such great deals...

Okay there's this little restaurant where I live. I can't think of the name off hand. But the prices are a bit steep for what they offer, so we don't go there often.

Well, my aunt gave me 20$ to take my mom out for lunch one day. We just happen to get a coupon for this place, buy one meal and two drinks, get your second meal free. This was great, because it's hard to find places you can eat out at for 20$.

So we go in. The place is half full, and really not all busy. (Remember this for latter on.) They have a lunch salad bar thing, that looks good.

and the waitress goes to take us to a booth. I have a bad leg, and prefer a table, so we request that, and we get moved no problem. We then look though to see what we'll get before talking about the salad bar. Of course, I wasn't sure it was valid with the coupon I had. While this is going on, one waitress comes over and takes our drinks. That's fine, we're still deciding.

Not even five minutes latter, a SECOND waitress tries to take our drink orders. I say that they've already been taken, and the waitress says that's fine. This is when I pull the coupon out and ask her if this was valid with the salad bar. Waitress says yes. So we both get the salad bar.

This is where the shit hits the fan so to speak.

Both my mother and I go up to the salad bar. We were gone not EVEN five minutes. Our drinks hadn't come yet, and my mom took her purse with her. My mom heads back first and... A waitress, the SAME one who'd sat us at that table, has set another couple there. WTF? We're standing there, no idea what to do, because suddenly the servers are scarece. Finally my mom finds one, and asks her about it. (The same one who sat both us AND this second couple.) Server apologists to both us and them, and moves the second group. We sit down to eat, and our drinks come.

Okay, so this was an accident. No big deal, right? I would have been happy to forgive and forget, but no...

Fate hated us.

Once our drinks came, the servers NEVER came to our tables for about twenty minutes. I was wanting another drink as one of the hot dishes on the salad bar was rather spicy. It took me about twenty minutes to get a hold of our server. She agrees to get another drink for me, and takes off. Fifteen minutes latter, I am STILL waiting for my drink. Did any other table have this trouble? NO! Their servers came to check on them, and were rather fast! Eventually I asked one of these other servers to refill my drink as my server was STILL MIA. It took about half an hour to get my drink.

Think that's the end of it? Oh think again!

So we finish up, me wanting another drink, but settled for some of my mom's ice water as I didn't want to wait another half an hour for a refill, and wait for the bill. And wait. AND WAIT! It took about ten minutes for someone to bother to come over with our bill. NEVER MIND that again, all the other tables were being served.

And you'll never believe what I found out during this wait for our bill period. The waitress who was severing us? She was either the owner or on shift manager at the time! How do I know? She could find time to offer up gift cards to a boy for a fund raiser, and chat to him and his dad, but forgot about us completely! And those two were basically one table away! This royally pissed me off.

She did come by and eventually apologists after we'd gotten our bill. I made the mistake of paying with a credit card with turned into another ten minute wait as the server who took our bill vanished.

The total, before the coupon, was about 30$. I had been willing to tip on that. I even had the money for that.

The amount I ended up leaving? 2$

And to add insult to injury, I had filled out a comment card complaining about all the trouble I had. I would have mailed them too, but I couldn't find their address. A month latter they mail me a 10$ gift card. No reason no letter, nothing. Just a card for 10$ at their restaurant. What I really wanted? An apology of some kind for all the shit.
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