bellefior (bellefior) wrote in bad_service,

Why I Hate the Cable Guy...

There was a message on our machine from the local cable company, telling us that all the analog boxes were going to be switched in our area to digital at no charge and no increase in cost to us (since analog will shortly be phased out), and could we set an appointment up for service person to come in since we still had an analog box in our bedroom (living room is digital, and we left the analog in the bedroom because we rarely watch TV there and it was cheaper).  

So we said fine, and set the appointment up for today, with a 6-8 pm window.  Quarter to 8 and no cable guy.  So I call the number and guess what?  Someone forgot to put my name down on the list...they had a supervisor call me back, and all they could do was set it up for Monday, same time.  Needless to say, I was ticked because they were the ones that called me to initiate everything and to set up the appointment which I rearranged my schedule for. 

Since the company doing the conversions is an independent contractor who works for the local cable company, and not the cable company itself, they could not credit my bill for the inconvenience (believe me I tried), but said they would pass the request along to the cable company and it would be up to the cable company to decide if I would receive any kind of credit.

I did ask if I needed to call Monday morning to confirm the appointment, and while they said it was not necessary, you better believe I will be doing it.

ETA: I didn't say it in my original post, but I had to leave work early in order to be there during the window period they gave me. I didn't ask for anything specific when I asked them to credit my bill, just wanted something knocked off the bill for the inconvenience, since I had to leave work early, sat in my house for 2 hours when I could have been elsewhere, and will have to leave work early again on Monday and sit in my house for another two hours waiting for him (or her) to show up. 

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