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Ultimate payback

*3 weeks previous* I bought a filt o fish (with half a shot of sauce to ensure it was fresh) from mcdonald's up the road. Take away. I got home and unpacked our food and looked forward to munchin on my burger. I had the first bite and could barely get my teeth through the fish that would had to've been at least an hour old (all patties and portions are kept in a heated cabinet). The holding time for a filet patty is 20 mins. So i rang up the store and explained what had happened. "Sorry bout that, we'll send you some vouchers for free food." I was thinking "Whatever." and thanked him anyway. Had peanut butter sandwiches for dinner.
3 weeks later i still hadn't got my vouchers, so since i was accross the road i thought i'd go find out where the hell they were. I got some tall dark guy who looked kinda intense, he turned out to be the store manager. The following approximate conversation occured.
Me: well ....
SB: Special boy.

Me: *explianed what happened* So i was just wondering when i'd get my vouchers.
SB: Take a seat and we can talk about it. *take a seat* So what are you wanting?
Me: I'd like to know why no-one has followed up with my complaint.
SB: Well we've just changed owners and we no longer have the old complaint book.
Me: So all the customers promised vouchers for crap food are going to miss out and you lose customers?
SB: Well it's a small price to pay. Did you say you wanted one with half sauce? Because we don't do that.
Me: So a customer's request that saves the store money is against policy?
SB: McDonald's is a business and we can't please everyone. You shouldn't've asked for such a stupid thing.
Me: So for all you know i have dietary requirements that can't allow a whole shot. How does that explain that the fish was all hard on the outside? How is it my fault that i got a bad product?
SB: So what do you want? A new burger?
Me: Stuff the burger i want to know why you're arguing with me about something that can lose you alot of business if i tell everyone.
SB: So what, one person can't make a difference in my sales.
*At this point i was mighty fucked off and decided to let him have it*
Me: So you think if i stand outside the front door scaring people away by telling them about shit food, bad service and poor management, it wont affect sales?
SB: *thinking*
*then i came out*
Me: I've been working for mcdonalds for almost 10 years and never have i come across someone who has such disregard for customers or someone else's business. *he started tapping his pen* You really don't like your job do you? You're not very good at it that's for sure. Tell me *looking at his name badge that turned out not to be his* Adrian, are you happy with your job? It doesn't seem like it. I don't think this job is for you. I'll be calling head office and telling them what happened.
SB: You couldn't've learned much in your time at mcdonald's then.
Me: Have a good afternoon, i'll be seeing you shortly.

So i called head office, they were appaled. I found out his name was Damian and he was a real prick to everyone. He apparently hit crew and swore at customers. Head office asked for his resignation and he now works at a Tyre Place in Upper Hutt, New Zealand. HAHAHAHA up his bum coz now i work for the same owner for a store down the road. I'm a senior manager and he's stuck as a shit kicker in a dead end job. FUCK YOU WANKER!
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