Kisara (kisarax) wrote in bad_service,

Well shit. You're the one in the way.

pls ignore any spelling or anything. I had a minor surgerical procedure this morning and kinda still out of it... but i'm tired of sleeping???? you know?? so loll I come online to post my shitty nurse that I will get one day..
I think of it as bad service, we do pay for medical services... so yeah.

I have small veins, and they put a iv in my hand right? no big deal, but because there was barely any loose skin and small veins means you could see the needle basically in my hand.
Basically it could have ripped out really easily and i'm surprised it didn't

When I got in the operating room and they were setting me up on the machines

one of the male nurses walked in the same area where my iv was at

HE TRIPPS ON THE TUBE. I saw it coming so I moved my hand with him so hopefuly it wasn't going to yank about a inch of skin off my hand along with it .

His first words aren't "I'm sorry"

they were "God, you're in the way" ... I start freaking out cause I don't want some mean man near me when I'm unconcious :(( so I made the other nurses make him leave.

I'm guessing he did...?? But when I woke up, I had bruises on my face and a big time bandage on my shoulder. (They were not working anywhere near my face other then to put the breathing tube in after I slept...)

:(( I consider this my bad service for the day and hope I never have to go back.
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